Surfing Fitness & Conditioning

with Matt Bromley and Matt Holden

A complete fitness, strength and conditioning course specifically for improving surfing movement, mobility and endurance. Includes work-out routines for strength, endurance, conditioning and mobility as well as running and swimming cross training programs. Programs are presented in video as well as in downloadable PDF format.

“Matt Bromley has a wealth of knowledge and can share some great secrets.. well worth the investment.”
Mansur Mohamed, South Africa


“Love these vids helped loads.”
Logan, United Kingdom

WHAT's included

comprehensive performance surfing course

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What you'll learn

Dynamic warm-up.

Paddle strength.

Rotational strength.

Leg strength.

Pop-up and leg endurance.

Post exercise stretches.

Full fitness and strength routine.

Running program.

Swimming program.

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Professional Big Wave Surfer

Matt started surfing when he was 6 years old, in Cape Town, South Africa. He grew to become  one of the best big wave surfers in the world. He currently chases and surfs the biggest swells around the planet.

Matt has an absolute passion for pushing his boundaries in bigger surf as risk free as possible. He’s made it his business to be prepared for big waves so that he can step up to the big moments with confidence.