High Performance Bodyboarding

with professional bodyboarder Aden Kleve

Learn all there is to know about High Performance Bodyboarding in this high quality, step-by-step online course showing you how to get above and beyond in your bodyboarding.

“I highly recommend Aden Kleve Course. If you´re starting on bodyboard or even if you have some experience like me, but want to evolve go for it. Videos have and amazing content, they are really enjoyable to watch, Aden is very charismatic & fun guy, what turns all the experience perfect. Hopefully someday soon i will travel to South Africa and do a camp with him. I´m sure it will be sooooo muuuuch fuun!!”
João Queirós, Portugal



“I find it extremely helpful to the inexperienced, and to the ones that want to learn something new, great stuff, can’t wait to get back in the water!.”
Tristan Venter, South Africa

WHAT's included

comprehensive performance bodyboarding course

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What you'll learn

Where to look when riding a wave.

How to Coil and Release.

Weight distribution on your bodyboard.

Positioning on a wave and where to hit the lip.

All the Bodyboarding moves, El Rollos, Spins, ARS, Backflips, Inverts, Air Forwards, Air Reverses, Barrel Riding, and the full range of Dropknee movements including Dropknee basics, Turns, Snaps, Carves, Spins, Floaters and Barrels.

Understanding speed, power and drawing a line.

Completing moves without wiping out.

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Aden Kleve

Professional Bodyboarder

Born and bred in Cape Town, Aden has spent over 15 years Bodyboarding and Coaching all over the world. He has competed professionally on the World Bodyboarding Circuit and spent a number of years travelling the world while Bodyboarding some of the best waves on offer.

He has devoted himself to sharing his passion for Bodyboarding and is the founder of Bodyboard South Africa where he coaches daily, inspiring people of all ages from all walks of life with his passion for Bodyboarding and the ocean. He runs “High Performance” and “Learn to Bodyboard” coaching clinics, Ocean Safety workshops and Bodyboarding Tours sharing the fun and exciting sport of Bodyboarding.