Big Wave Surfing with Matt Bromley

Professional Big Wave Surfer

Learn how to ride bigger waves with confidence, with Pro Big Wave Surfer, Matt Bromley. This course is for anyone that’s keen to move out of their comfort zone and surf bigger waves.

“Matt Bromley has always been a hard-charging full of life personality who gladly helped others succeed. His online course is worth its weight in gold for anyone who wants to succeed in the surf.”
Scott Mortensen, USA


Surf big waves with confidence

“I’ve learnt so much and gained knowledge from every one of the videos, now I can’t wait to start training.”
Sam Button, South Africa

WHAT's included

comprehensive big wave course

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What you'll learn

Edging fear out of the equation.

Stepping up to bigger waves with confidence.

Big wave riding technique.

Breath hold techniques.

Mental preparation and visualization.

How to handle a wipeout.

Mimicking the big wave environment in your physical training (incl. swim routine).

Trusting in your equipment.

Reading the line-ups.

Surfing bigger waves as risk free as possible.

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Professional Big Wave Surfer

Matt started surfing when he was 6 years old, in Cape Town, South Africa. He grew to become  one of the best big wave surfers in the world. He currently chases and surfs the biggest swells around the planet.

Matt has an absolute passion for pushing his boundaries in bigger surf as risk free as possible. He’s made it his business to be prepared for big waves so that he can step up to the big moments with confidence.