Masters of Surfski

with the World Champion Mocke Brothers

A complete online surfski paddling course for all levels of paddlers. This surfski course is designed and presented by Dawid and Jasper Mocke, two of the world’s most experienced surfski coaches and paddlers.

“I can’t thank you enough for the making the Masters of Surfski videos – they’re super. I’ve paddled for about nine years, with no formal instruction, so your videos have been a Godsend. They’ve been great to illuminate bad habits I’ve developed and confirmed some of the correct things I’ve inadvertently fumbled upon.
The clearly communicated, direct instruction, brevity of the features and professionalism of the videos all make them first-rate.
I particularly appreciate the drill videos, your comments about the relationship between speed and stability.
I look forward to getting the training series. Thank you both again. Well done.”
Keller Russel, USA


“Not only was this course amazing, but Dawid and Jasper following up on every single question with a new response video is just the cherry on top! Thank you kindly both! Highly recommend this course!”
Connor Curson, Canada

WHAT's included

comprehensive surfski course

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What you'll learn

The skills that ALL surfski paddlers need, at every level.

How to continuously improve your technique and go faster.

The different paddles and boats and how to select the right ones.

How to be safe every time you go surfski paddling.

Common surfski mistakes and how to avoid or correct them.

The essentials of race preparation, training and competition.


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Dawid & Jasper Mocke

World Champion Surfski Paddlers

Jasper and Dawid Mocke are two of the world’s foremost surfski coaches and instructors spending the better part of two decades teaching and coaching new and experienced surfski paddlers around the world.  They are both World Champion paddlers who have reached the highest level of their sport as competitors and who are also passionate about passing on knowledge, skill and wisdom through coaching and instruction.

Dawid has been at the forefront of coaching surfski paddling since establishing the Surfski School in 2002, the first of its kind.  Jasper soon followed suit by joining his brother as a head coach at the Surfski School.  Internationally both brothers continue to offer coaching workshops and clinics at all venues to which they travel, actively growing the sport wherever they may go.  In 2015 the Mocke brothers began hosting the Downwind Camps and paddling expeditions for any and all intrepid paddlers looking to take their skills to the next level.