Learn to Surf

with professional big wave surfer Matt Bromley

Everything you need to know about learning to surf or improving your surfing.  Feel comfortable in the ocean with pro surfer Matt Bromley.

“Matt does a phenomenal job of giving you a wealth of knowledge in a very short amount of time. If you’re contemplating giving surfing a go or just interested in getting a more well-rounded knowledge of the beginner process then we here at Zag highly recommend this course.”
ZigZag Magazine 


“Matt Bromley has always been a hard-charging full of life personality who gladly helped others succeed. His online course is worth its weight in gold for anyone who wants to succeed in the surf.”
Scott Mortensen, USA

WHAT's included

comprehensive surfing course

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What you'll learn

How to ride waves with confidence.

Paddling out, getting through waves and selecting your wave.

Choosing the correct board and equipment.

Assessing safe ocean conditions for surfing.

Progressing to a bottom turn and riding sideways.

Generating speed and top turns, floaters and cut backs.

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Professional Big Wave Surfer

Matt started surfing when he was 6 years old, in Cape Town, South Africa. He grew to become  one of the best big wave surfers in the world. He currently chases and surfs the biggest swells around the planet.

Matt has an absolute passion for pushing his boundaries in bigger surf as risk free as possible. He’s made it his business to be prepared for big waves so that he can step up to the big moments with confidence.